Super Busy

I offered to make hats for people as Christmas gifts so I could earn a few extra dollars. I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to add anything on here. I will say that with all the hats I’ve done lately I really prefer to do a HDC pattern. It creates a tighter looking hat base.  Because I crochet tighter than most, I usually have to up size on patterns. Hopefully, I will find some time soon to put some patterns and more pictures.


ladybug hat

ladybug hatI have found a lot of my crochet patterns on Repeat Crafter Me. There are many free patterns that are incredibly cute. I did modify the antenna on the face to a chain 5 instead of chain 7. I liked the shorter ones for my 8 month old’s hat. Here is a picture of my sweet baby wearing her new hat and eating a box.